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PBP Book Drive Thank Yous – And More

The Prison Book Program in Quincy raised more than 16,000 books during its Great American Book Drive on Saturday. And the PLG helped, by sending over more than 150! We’re proud and honored we were able to participate and hope to make helping collect books to donate an annual event as well.

Some thanks are in order! First, HUGE thanks to the PLG’s REFORMA rep, Sujei Lugo, who , made the fliers and just basically made our mini-drive work. Thank you so much, Sujei!! And also, big thanks to the PLG Community Outreach Coordinator, Hannah Gomez, who rented a zip car and drove around yours truly, trying to find the drop-off point. Thanks so much for doing this and putting up with my map-reading skillz. And thanks to all the PLG officers for offering to help, promoting and everything.

Outside of PLG, GSLIS Assistant Dean of Student Services Em Claire Knowles deserves praise for suggested putting the drop-off box in the GSLIS lounge and donated the first book at that location. And thanks for those Simmons students who donated there; I did get a few good hauls from that box. Somerville Public Library deserves a thumbs up for allowing us to place another drop-off box at their central location – we’d like to especially acknowledge Director Maria Carpenter for her support and to Teen Librarian Ron Castile for his support by donating 10 copies of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

But a big chuck of our haul came from Lugo’s contacts on Twitter and IRL. They are:

her twitterless dad, Pedro Lugo and
her twitterless Qualitative Research professor from the School of Social Work, Johnnie Hamilton-Mason.

We gratefully acknowledge your help in spreading the word and sending us some good stuff!

And thanks to all those who emailed and asked where they could send books or that they wanted to do something similar in their own schools. But most of all, thank you to all you generous donors. And if I’ve forgotten to recognize you, sorry and thanks!

You can still get involved with the Prison Book Program! Radical Reference Boston and PLG are getting a bunch of people together to head over the PBP TOMORROW 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. to help with these recently donated books and most likely other tasks. Email our Social Media Officer, Kittle Evenson at, to join the group or get more info.

And if you want to get in on planning and managing awesome campaigns such as this one, consider becoming a PLG officer. We’re looking for a secretary/archivist and treasurer starting in the summer semester. See here for more info and to apply. It’s fun and great for your resume.

Have a good week – oh, and see you next at the Swap-O-Rama (co-hosted with SCIRRT) —

When: Saturday, April 27, 2013, 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Where: GSLIS Student Lounge

PLG and SCIRRT are co-hosting a Swap-O-Rama. Clothes, books, electronics, school supplies and more are all welcome to be brought and exchanged. This event can be especially helpful for people who are moving or graduating after this semester. The organizers also hope that more than just goods will be swapped. Bring your ideas and enthusiasm for the profession and share them with your fellow GSLIS students, faculty and staff. Questions? Email Eileen Fontenot at or Eva Rios-Alvarado at

Whew! OK – think that was it!
~Eileen, PLG co-chair

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Drop Off Books for Prison Book Program Drive at GSLIS Lounge

drop off boxFaculty, staff, students and any interested parties may now drop off their book donations for the Prison Book Program drive at the Simmons GSLIS student lounge (2nd floor of the Palace Road building). We have set up a shiny blue box with attached flyer on top of the filing cabinets to the left of the door as you walk in. The drive itself is April 13, but PLG is gathering books now to bring to that event. So you don’t have to!

For more information about the book drive, click here. For what books are needed (and not needed), see our flyer.


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