Who are we?

Bridgett Kathryn Pride (Co-chair) — bridgett.pride@simmons.edu
Bridgett Kathryn Pride is a second year dual degree Library Science student at Simmons College studying Archives and History. She currently serves as a co-chair for the Simmons chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild, Co-Chair for Students of Color at SLIS, and the volunteer and social media coordinator for Simmons College’s DERAIL Forum. In addition Bridgett is the Learning Commons Library Assistant at Simmons’ Beatley Library, where she works closely with students to help reflect their interests through library programming. Bridgett is a Bi-Racial Californian interested in the plight of African American Women during the nineteenth century. She is passionate about making the records of these individuals more accessible. During her free time, she crochets accessories for her Etsy shop, Little Bridgie Flair, and babies her cats, Loretta June, and Kooka Bear.

McKenzie Mullen (Co-chair) — mckenzie.mullen@simmons.edu
Mckenzie is a dual-degree history/archives student who is committed to addressing social justice within the professional field.  She is interested in encouraging her peers to think about the intersection of their identities and being an information professional.  Textiles and women’s history are her jam, and you can find her knitting and walking the dog in her free time (not at the same time, but don’t think she hasn’t tried).

Rachel Karasick (Treasurer) — rachel.karasick@simmons.edu
Rachel’s last name rhymes with Jurassic. She is in her second year at SLIS in the general librarynerd track, and her research interests are critical information literacy, open data + access, and library labor history. She is currently the Learning Commons Librarian at the Simmons College Library.

Quincy Knapp (Anti-Racism Coordinator) — qunicy.knapp@simmons.edu
Quincy Knapp is a first year student in the SLIS program. She is in General Studies. Before entering SLIS, she taught English abroad and was an SAT tutor. She’s excited for her second semester.

Molly Brown (Archivist) — molly.brown2@simmons.edu
Molly Brown is a proud Montanan who made Boston her second home away from home after studying at the University of Puget Sound in Washington state. Molly works evening reference at Boston College, is an archivist at Old South Church, and is trying to be a better cross-stitcher in the moments in between. Her research interests include empathy in the archive, community archives, and oral history.

Stephanie Kaylor (Community Outreach Coordinator) — stephanie.kaylor@simmons.edu

Melinda Carr (Social Media Coordinator) — melinda.carr@simmons.edu
Melinda Carr is a first year Archives student from Harvest, Alabama. She loves Anthropology, Psychology, Women’s Studies and Evolutionary Studies. She hopes that PLG will continue to address the biases of the librarian profession and how it is our responsibility to fight them. When she is not reading a book, she can be found being overly passionate about the University of Alabama’s football team.

Anna Winters (Secretary) — anna.winters@simmons.edu
Anna is an aspiring elementary school librarian with the goal of improving information access for all students.  She currently volunteers at Winship Elementary School’s library and works as a Graduate Student Assistant at Simmons as well as a Public Service Assistant at the Wheelock College library.  She loves to cook vegetarian food, read, watch  TV, and go hiking when it’s nice out.

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